How to Pick the Best Probiotics

How to Pick the Best Probiotics - BiOptimizer

In the market at the moment, there are so many Probiotics, that makes it exceedingly difficult to know which one is the best probiotics for you. In this write-up, I will introduce BiOptimizers P3-OM. We believe if it is not the best probiotics ever produced, then it is one of the best in the world.

In this article, I plan to share with you the following:

  • Factors to consider before buying a probiotic
  • How to know if you need Probiotics 
  • Why some probiotics do not work
  • Yogurts
  • Benefits of taking Enzymes
  • Bioptimizers P3-OM – a recommendation 

Critical Factors to Consider when Buying Best Probiotics

  • The first factor is to run away from any Probiotics that require refrigeration. It is considered a big risk if your Probiotics product has some element of refrigeration to it. This is very necessary because the product might have been stored at different temperatures, especially if the same item has been stored in a refrigerator and stored on a shelf at different times of the life of the product. The biochemistry behind this analogy is that our body temperatures are higher than a refrigerated shelf, and if the Probiotics has experienced unstable temperatures, then when you take it, anything can happen. 
  • The acceptance of Freeze-Dried Culture. Any excellent Probiotics, in its preparation, should be freeze-dried. This means following a religious process of taking all the water out of the ingredients used to prepare it. This will keep the Probiotics “calm”. The product will only “arise” when it comes into contact with water, which is the element that makes it to react and resurrect again. This process of the Probiotics becoming hydrated is very essential to awaken the life hidden within it. 
  • Most of the Probiotics products you find on the market have not been tested in any laboratory to work. I will advise you to only buy strains that have been proven to work via tests in a competent and certified laboratory. For example, one strain we researched uses a patented process (patent #: 5,895,758) to dramatically enhance L Plantarum’s abilities, resulting in a new super strain that may be the most powerful proteolytic probiotic ever developed.

This is a strain that supplies your gut with some powerful protein-digesting bacteria. For muscle growth and recovery, which increases the pool of amino acids that are bioactive, this is the best strain.

In clinical trials, it has emerged that there are some powerful properties. This includes the following:

  • Proteolytic activity (breaks down protein)
  • Anti-tumoral capability (Reduces tumor size).
  • Antiviral capabilities (Kicks virus’s asses)
  • It has Anti-retroviral characteristics as is found in the Rauscher virus, the T-lymphotropic virus, and human immunodeficiency virus (HIV).
  • Many probiotics die when it enters the digestive system because of the intense stomach acid, however, the strain in P3-OM easily survives in the human digestive system.
P3-OM Probiotics 360 - Health Impress
P3-OM Probiotics 360 View

How to Be Certain You Actually Need Probiotics

  • Anyone who has in his/her lifetime taken any form of antibiotics needs Probiotics. Once you take antibiotics, the “good guys” within are killed, thereby giving way for “bad bacteria” to have their hay day and thrive in your system
  • There are toxins in the form of heavy metals found in dental fillings, fish, and exhaust valves that attract pathogens.  
  • What about the unwanted sugar we get from fruits and beverages? These are what feed yeast and bugs in our bodies. 
  • There are those starchy carbohydrates such as rice, bread, which your body can only use after it has been broken down into sugar.
  • Have you ever taken alcohol? Well, it kills bacteria and gets converted into sugar in our bodies. 
  • If you have ever experienced any form of stress, what it does to our bodies is make the immune system a target for invaders. 
  • If you live or have lived in a house before or a community with others, the chemicals we inhale kill the good bacteria we require for our well-being.

If any of the above affects you, then you may have bad bacteria overgrowth, and we recommend an excellent Probiotic. 

Why Does Most Probiotic Products do not Work but BiOptimizers P3-OM do

I would not be amazed if you told me you have tried a Probiotic of a sort before, or you have heard about it, and that what you know about them is nothing but to make money. 

Well, I am here to burst the bubble of the scams of many Probiotics money-making schemes. 

Some Probiotics have many pitfalls that are not published, and no one will tell you about it. You see, a good Probiotic should have strains that have the capacity to withstand stomach acid and survive. In some, the strains compete and kill each other. In some too, the strains have a noticeably short lifespan. 

To me, this is the scam of the century, because Dr. Tod Cooperman of Consumer Labs has stated emphatically that the truth does has been hidden about certain probiotics claims. In actual fact, the real amount of probiotics found in those so-called popular probiotics is not wholly the truth. The companies behind them are just telling lies.  In some instances, you will find only 7% of the label claim of live cultures of probiotics or CFU in the product.

What About Yogurt? 

In yogurts are found hormones, lots of sugar and many additives. The process of pasteurization that a yogurt goes through actually kills almost all the Probiotics before a yogurt becomes a yogurt. What we have to know is that pasteurization was created to kill bacteria anyway. So, all the yogurt you find on the shelves of supermarkets are just concentration of starchy, sugar-laden, and additives that gives you no Probiotics. 

Benefits of Enzymes – Are Enzymes that Good to be taken?

  • Enzymes help our stomachs digest food properly and bring back acid to normal. This sees to it that you are gotten back off This any antacid FAST.
  • Enzymes help you recover fast from workouts. This means Enzymes do more than just digestion. 
  • Enzymes help with 25,000 metabolic processes.
  • Enzymes ensure you have more energy throughout the day. The right amount of enzymes means you will feel youthful throughout.
  • Enzymes help you become happy and better mood. The presence of more amino acids is what the mind needs.  This leads to better nutrients absorption and feel-awesome mental clarity.
  • Bloating is defeated. Whatever food you eat, the Enzymes will simply digest. Fermentation cannot occur inside your gut. 
  • Brainpower and mental clarity one gets after taking Enzymes is phenomenal. Why is it so? Your energy is not used on digestion. 
  • Enzymes help cleanse the intestines of undigested proteins in your stomach. 
  • You will not need to be sleeping for longer periods due to fewer demands on your digestive organs, and when you wake up from sleep, you will feel more energized. 

BiOptimizers PM-03 Probiotics – Our Recommendation

I am honored today to share with you BiOptimizers P3-OM, the #1 probiotics best seller. It is a transient proteolytic probiotic that eliminates completely bad bacteria fast. It eats up all excess sugar in your system and protects your gut from viruses and inflammation.

Why BiOptimizers P3-OM?

  • BiOptimizers P3-OM has proteolytic nature which is known to break down protein fast. This makes it the best probiotics
  • It is known to increases the mental clarity and focus of those who use it. Since it improves digestion, the body, in effect has more resources to allocate for mental and cognitive functions.
  • The strain within PM-03 easily survives in the human digestive system, something that other probiotics lack. Their strain dies when it hits the acid in the stomach.
  • PM-03 suppresses the growth of all gas-producing bacterium in the intestines, thereby radically reducing bloating and excessive gas that you do not need.
  • PM-03 tremendously decreases the need for sleep and recovery. It also reduces the demands on the digestive organs to break down and process food.

Does P3-OM Eliminate Bad Bacteria and Restore Gut Back to Optimal? 

Of course, yes. As a transient probiotic, it eliminates bad bacteria fast, eats all the excess sugar, and protects your gut from viruses and inflammation. 

The process it (BiOptimizers P3-OM) uses in its manufacture is patented (patent #: 5,895,758). This process carefully and dramatically enhances L. Plantarum’s abilities, which results in a new super strain that may be, arguably the most powerful proteolytic probiotic ever developed under the sun. 

It has emerged that if one were to eat cultured vegetables, sauerkraut, or kimchi one would have to eat loads to get the same as is found in L. Plantarum. Fact is, with just a few capsules of our P3-OM, one will have it all. 

The strain in P3-OM has protein-digesting capabilities, second to none, and also has many other amazing benefits.

In clinical research studies, P3-OM has shown some remarkable properties which include the following: 

  • Breaks down proteins (Proteolytic activity)
  • It is anti-tumoral (may reduce the size of tumors).
  • It has antiviral capabilities
  • It shows anti-retroviral activity (against the Rauscher virus, and the T-lymphotropic virus)
  • The strain in other probiotics dies when it gets in contact with stomach acid. However, that of P3-OM survives in our digestive system

Probiotics are EVERYWHERE these days.

The market is truly saturated with probiotics and that makes picking the best probiotics (BiOptimizers P3-OM) an arduous task since customers are confused and end up buying a sub-standard probiotics product. This is the more reason we recommend BiOptimizers P3-OM as the best probiotics that you need.


In this article, we have delved into so many things, but if there is one thing that you will take away, I believe it is the decisive manner in which we have recommended BiOptimzers P3-OM Probiotics.

I know it is a difficult task choosing the best probiotics in this world of saturated probiotics products. Well, if you want the best probiotics, that is excellent for you, then we have recommended BiOptimzers P3-OM Probiotics.

Take care and always buy the best probiotics, which is BiOptimzers P3-OM Probiotics.

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