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What is Schizophrenia?

What is Schizophrenia

People with schizophrenia go through acute psychosis and that is, phases in which they perceive the world very differently than they normally do. Unlike post-traumatic stress disorder, they hear voices and feel persecuted or influenced by other people. Their behavior also changes, many speak incoherently. Some almost completely lose touch with reality. Psychosis usually occurs […]

What is Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)?

What is Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)

Post-traumatic stress disorder occurs when terrible experiences such as sexual abuse, catastrophes, experiences of violence, or serious accidents put a heavy strain on life afterward, and literally throw people off track. Such an experience is called trauma, which in psychology means “emotional injury”. Traumatic experiences are sometimes difficult to process and some people develop post-traumatic […]

Frequently Asked Question About Thrombosis

Frequently Asked Questions About Thrombosis

In this article, I will try to answer some frequently asked questions about thrombosis. What I have realized in my research is that although the knowledge about it abounds, many are doubts, and misinformation on the subject matter. In my last article on the subject matter, I shared with you the topic its definition, causes, […]

What is Blindness, and What Causes it?

Health Impress 2022

To answer the question “what is blindness” one has to know that the inability to see anything, including light, is what is referred to as blindness. On the other hand, one has limited eyesight if one is partially blind. You may, for example, experience fuzzy vision or be unable to discern between the shapes of […]

How to Fight Heart Attacks with Superfoods

How to Fight Heart Attacks with Superfoods

The risk of a heart attack should not be underestimated, and that’s why it’s important to fight heart attacks with superfoods. In a previous essay on heart attacks, I referenced a study that stated that 9 out of 10 persons who suffer a heart attack do not survive. If for nothing else, this should serve […]

Processed Foods, a Health Hazard to Avoid

Processed Foods, a Health Hazard to Avoid

Food that has been processed: As our lives have progressed and our living conditions have risen, our days have gotten increasingly hectic. Many people are pressed for time. It might be difficult to balance everything when life appears to be a never-ending cycle of things to accomplish. With technological advancements, we are bombarded with a […]

Unknown Heart Attack. Can You Have and not Know?

Silent Heart Attack

We might believe that the consequences of a heart attack are so severe that they are impossible to ignore. That isn’t always the case though. There is what I term unknown heart attack. The standard description of a heart attack is that it feels like a heavyweight is pressing down on your chest, accompanied by […]

What are Allergies, Symptoms, Causes & Remedies?

What are Allergies, Symptoms, Causes, and Remedies

In answering the question of what are allergies, we have to know that in the case of an allergy, the immune system is overly sensitive to actually harmless foreign substances (allergens) such as plant pollen or certain foods. Sometimes, the symptoms are only mild but they can also be very stressful and restrict everyday life. […]

What is Thrombosis, its Causes & Types?

What is thrombosis - health impress

Our focus in this research article would be focused on the introduction, definition, and types of thrombosis, which I have titled “what is thrombosis”. Doctors refer to the term thrombosis as the complete or partial occlusion (blockage) of a blood vessel by a blood clot (thrombus). If this happens in a carotid artery, it is […]

Six Eating Habits for Healthy Kidneys

Six Eating Habits for Healthy Kidneys

When it comes to our overall health and health advice, our hearts are frequently in the spotlight, hence the need for proper eating habits for healthy kidneys. The Association for Dietetics in South African says we often overlook or dismiss the importance of our kidneys in our overall health and well-being. Our kidneys should not […]

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