Terminally Sick Cancer Patient Advice, be Kind

Terminally Sick Cancer Patient Advice, be Kind

CNN has reported via Bethany Hines that for a terminally sick cancer patient one final request to all is that we be KIND.

In the report, doctors estimate Rebecca Schofield, 17, has three months to a year to live. The courageous Canadian adolescent from Riverview, New Brunswick, has cancer and that is her final request.

“I wanted to make a mark.” “I wanted to do my part to make the world a better place,” she says.

Doctors told her the bleak prognosis after nearly two years of chemotherapy, brain surgery, and radiation. Rebecca claims that’s when she started to make a bucket list.

Terminally sick cancer patient Rebecca promotes random acts of kindness.

Her bucket list includes simple things like traveling outside of the nation for the first time, playing board games with her cousins, and watching their favorite movie, “The Shawshank Redemption,” with her parents.

The report amongst many other things says that Rebecca had a Hogwarts/Harry Potter-themed day with many of her cousins.

“There were so many people who wanted to help me with my bucket list,” Rebecca explains. “My father has always taught me to be kind. We discussed what we could do to incorporate everyone who wanted to help.”

They came up with the idea of “inviting people to perform acts of kindness.”

“It is difficult for me to perform acts of kindness on my own. I’m unable to walk right now.”

Rebecca asked on Facebook if people would commit random acts of kindness and then share their experiences using the hashtag #BeccaToldMeTo.

And now, individuals all across the world are utilizing the hashtag to share their nice deeds.

Paid for the person behind me in line at the drive through this morning #beccatoldmeto ❤️

— Loren Katie (@LorenKatie) January 18, 2017

#beccatoldmeto I slipped behind a young couple and paid for their groceries. We all hugged and cried. God Bless you Becca!

— Bailey Baird (@bailey_baird10) January 19, 2017

“It was only supposed to be used on my final day of radiotherapy.” When I got up the next day, it [the hashtag] was still active.” Rebecca explains.

#beccatoldmeto just bought dinner tonight for a young man in downtown Toronto who was struggling. Thanks for inspiring us all!

— Ray Boisvert ISECIS (@ISECIS) January 9, 2017

Just finished shovelling my neighbour’s walkway & front steps and then cleaned off their cars… #beccatoldmeto

— Coach Lancaster (@scottclancaster) January 8, 2017

“It doesn’t have to be a monetary donation. Just a smile. Simply give your time”. It doesn’t cost anything to shovel your neighbor’s driveway, for example. “Pay a visit to someone who may be lonely,” Rebecca suggests.
“That is the message in a nutshell.

She (the terminally sick cancer patient) intimated it makes no difference how big or tiny your act is; as long as you do anything, it will be appreciated.”

Meanwhile, Rebecca is making the most of the time she has with her family and friends.

Anne, Gabrielle, and Rebecca Schofield, from left.

Terminally Sick Cancer Patient Advice, acts of kindness
Rebecca, Terminally Sick Cancer Patient Advice

“Physically, I feel the same way I did when I was healing from chemo.” I’m feeling queasy and exhausted, but it doesn’t feel like I’m going to die. I don’t think I’m going to die. I guess I’m ok. “I’m feeling just as fantastic as I did before,” Rebecca explains. “We try not to think about it too much. We concentrate on the positive aspects of life. It hasn’t truly hit home yet. We’re not thinking about it a lot.”

Rebecca’s mother, Anne, says she is simply being herself by asking others to give back to others. All in support of her terminally sick cancer patient daughter.

Anne and Rebecca Schofield prepare for a wedding in their family.

“We are grateful for the community and global support she is receiving,” Anne Schofield said. “It’s very remarkable to hear the experiences that individuals are sharing.” It makes us delighted to see her happy.”

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